The optional wall mounting comes in separate packaging, and consists of a mounting bracket, screws, wall anchors and an instruction manual.

Unit Preparation

  1. Using a hexagonal wrench, place inserts into the four holes in the back of of the unit until head of insert is flush with plastic rear housing.
  2. Start two flat head machine screws through the mounting bracket and fasten against the bracket. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.
  3. Fasten foot pads into the two lower inserts.

Wall Mounting Instructions

  1. Place wall mounting template, as provided within the instruction in your packaging, on the wall.
  2. Level template, then mark with pen, then drill 6mm holes using template.
  3. Push wall anchors into drill holes, and tap with hammer until wall anchors head is flush with wall.
  4. Using a power drill or screw driver, tighten the two screws until the screw head is approximately 5mm from the head of the wall anchors.
  5. Position the bracket (attached to the unit) over the head of the screws and let the weight of the unit naturally position itself. Check the power cord and foot pads clearance, adjust screw head distance if necessary.