How do I set up my Ultrafine 468

Congratulations, now let's get you up and running. Carefully remove the unit from the carton and remove the dust bag covering the unit. The dust bag prevents scratches and damage to the unit during transportation. Each unit comes equipped with (1) pre-filter, (1) main filter, and (1) post filter. Keep your unit in a [...]

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How to: Ultrafine 468 filter replacement and maintenance

To watch a demonstration on how to replace your Ultrafine 468 filters, please click the video below. Estimated Time: 10 Minutes Caution: Always disconnect power to the unit before servicing. Filters need to be replaced and maintained properly to maximize the unit’s performance. The maintenance schedule is based on the [...]

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What are the controls on my Ultrafine 468 unit?

f-1) VOC Pre-filter indicator f-2) Change VOC pre-filter indicator g-1) Main filter indicator g-2) Change main filter indicator h-1) VOC post-filter indicator h-2) Change VOC post-filter indicator i-1) DFS indicator i-2) DFS deactivation indicator a) Power button b) Sleep mode c) Slide speed control d) High speed e) Turbo mode

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