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What is the best air purifier for hay fever? With Spring in the air, and many people affected by hay fever, the Intellipure range of air purifiers are best equipped to help you reduce the effects of hay fever.

Intellipure Air Purifiers Can Help With Your Child's Hay Fever

Spring in Australia. It’s a wonderful time of the year. The season of rebirth and growth. Of footy finals and flowers. Of warmer days, and swooping magpies and the promise of a summer to come. It’s also, for a large contingent of Australians, the season of hay fever. Of itchy eyes, and scratchy throats and pollen-induced fatigue. And that’s not even mentioning the volcanic sneezing that seems to never stop.

So what for those unlucky few (or many!) who are plagued with this annual dance with hay fever, what is the cause of this horror? Well hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, is the most common allergic disorder in Australia and is an allergic reaction to airborne particles, particularly pollen.

In Melbourne, for example, ryegrass pollens are usually to blame, but dustmites and the dander (the shed fur and skin) of our beloved fur-babies are also common causes!

So how to we treat hay fever? The most common treatments include antihistamine tablets, syrups, intranasal sprays and eye drops. For more sever symptons, intranasal corticosteroid sprays are often recommended. But these treat the symptons, not the cause. But what if there was a way to turn your home or office into a sanctuary – an anti-hay fever haven – where the effects of hay fever could be stopped before they were even a problem?

The Intellipure Solution

Intellipure air purifiers are able to transform your home of office into the haven you are seeking. They may not have the name recognition of other brands, but the Intellipure Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology is unmatched for both efficacy and performance.

Unlike other air purifiers, Intellipure is capable of capturing and removing ultrafine particles due to its DFS technology. They are capbable of removing particles as small as 0.007 microns at a 99.99% efficiency. What does that mean? Pollen particles are generally betwen 10 and 70 microns in size, pet hair betweem 2.5 and 10 microns and household dust can be between 0.05 and 100 microns. Intellipure’s patented technology can capture and remove these harmful airborne particles from your indoor environment.

One in five people suffer from hayfever in south-east Australia

Nearly half of people are allergic to something. And of those, seventy per cent are either allergic to dust mites, or grass pollen.  Or both.

Professor Jo Douglass, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, ABC News TV, 1 September 2023

Intellipure Air Purifier DFS technology captures ultrafine particles

Unlike other brands of air purifiers, Intellipure’s DFS technology creates a microbiostasis condition within the filter itself, meaning harmful pathogens are securely retained within the air purifier itself and not redistributed and recirculated back into the indoor environment.

This is particularly important, especially for hay fever sufferers, as you can be ensured that the air you are breathing has had the hay fever-causing particles completely removed.

But don’t just take our word for it! Watch the video comparing Intellipure versus other well-known brands and the quality of the air after passing through their respective air filtration systems!

So if you are sick of sprays and tired of tablets, and are seeking an air purifier that will help alleviate the scrtchy throat, and itchy eyes, and volcanic sneezes, the Intellipure air purifer range is the best weapon you can arm yourself with this Spring!

The Intellipure Compact is perfect for smaller rooms up to 46m2 and can be wall-mounted (which a lot of its inferior competitors can;t do!). The Intellipure Ultrafine 468 is fantastic for larger rooms and open areas up to 110m2.

So don’t suffer in silence this Spring, and contact WellcoPure today and we can guide you through the best Intellipure option for your home or business so you can say good bye to hay fever and finally breathe easy!

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