What’s in the Compact box?

Your Intellipure® Compact DFS Air Cleaning System Unit 6-stage prefilter (inside unit) Main filter (inside unit) Power cord   User Manual Warranty Card Before starting up your Intellipure® Compact - open the front cover and take off the plastic around the pre-filter. This plastic helps prevent any issues during shipping. [...]

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What are the controls on my Compact unit?

a) POWER Button - to turn unit on or change speed setting. b) LOW Indicator - when lit in blue, the unit is running at low speed. c) MED Indicator - when lit in blue, the unit is running at medium speed. d) HIGH Indicator - when lit in blue, the unit is running at [...]

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What is the Compact’s cleaning capacity?

Our Compact machine has a cleaning capacity of up to 46 square metres and is a great option for a bedroom, small living area, office space, classroom, and more. You can also, get an Intellipure Compact with a wall mount to get it up off the floor safe from damage. [...]

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How do I wall mount the Compact unit?

Please refer to instructions in wall-mounted bracket packaging for details. The optional wall mounting comes in separate packaging, and consists of a mounting bracket, screws, wall anchors and an instruction manual. Unit Preparation Using a hexagonal wrench, place inserts into the four holes in the back of of the unit until head of [...]

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How do I set up my Ultrafine 468

Congratulations, now let's get you up and running. Carefully remove the unit from the carton and remove the dust bag covering the unit. The dust bag prevents scratches and damage to the unit during transportation. Each unit comes equipped with (1) pre-filter, (1) main filter, and (1) post filter. Keep your unit in a [...]

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How to: Ultrafine 468 filter replacement and maintenance

To watch a demonstration on how to replace your Ultrafine 468 filters, please click the video below. Estimated Time: 10 Minutes Caution: Always disconnect power to the unit before servicing. Filters need to be replaced and maintained properly to maximize the unit’s performance. The maintenance schedule is based on the [...]

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